Photo Credit: Julian Rad

Max Hathaway is a designer/animator originally from Baltimore now based out of Seattle.  He grew up with a passion for comics and cartoons and ended up studying traditional and experimental animation at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) under guidance of Professor Eric Dyer.  

With his strong desire to animate everything around him, Max was integral in creating a motion graphics studio within the UMBC campus Student Union to animate the signage and student event news.  The studio is called iNet and it still runs today, currently employing a handful of students as professional animators every semester.

Upon graduating, Max dove head first into freelancing in Southern California and worked his way up the West Coast to Seattle.  Traveling for work has always been a perk Max looked forward to in a Motion Design career, so this journey was all part of the fun.

Eventually, Max combined his passion for animation with an interest in software development and has since focused his career on Motion Design for User Interfaces.  Max can still be found moonlighting occasionally. Designing title sequences for various YouTube clients and dabbling in Game Design.

In his free time, Max is usually playing board games or watching football.